April 27, 2016


Schoff Global SEO Traffic & Rankings

Schoff Global Search Engine Marketing is a leading digital marketing firm based out of Huntsville, Alabama, specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and getting businesses properly ranked in search engines like Google to ensure they’re receiving the amount of online exposure and traffic for their market and niche that they can be.

“…We take your business out of a less than desirable online location and MOVE IT to a HIGHLY DESIRABLE online location.  Think of us as your Digital Business Movers…”

Helping a company or business rank correctly on the first page of google can mean the difference of thousands, if not millions of dollars in revenue, as was the case for the successful ranking of HuntsvilleTornadoShelters.com for example (which continues to dominate Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc for key search terms and phrases).

Utilizing the latest research and data and staying on top of important algorithm changes gives Schoff Global the edge to ensure you’re able to beat out your competition and take top spots.  While they don’t guarantee rankings, they excel at delivering huge value for their clients and commit to professional services supported by results.

Hans Schoff of Schoff Global

Hans Schoff of Schoff Global SEO

Schoff Global Founder & President – Hans Schoff

Hans Schoff first began marketing online in 2000 in the earlier days of internet technology.  He began with online lead generation and marketing funnels and developed a number of rudimentary websites over the years for communication companies, networkers, home mortgage, real estate and others.

In 2005, Hans founded Schoff Global as a company with a big vision, to help and empower a lot of other people.  He then began actively blogging in 2009 and delving deep into the world of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Syndication, Content Creation, WordPress design, and more.

For the past 16 years, Hans has been honing his skills and working his online marketing craft to help other business owners and individuals get more online exposure and traffic.  With first-hand experience in a multitude of different businesses – from real estate investing & asset management, property construction & development, residential and commercial finance, Tiny House building & consulting, and decades of sales marketing and so much more (visit Hans Schoff’s profile on Linkedin to get a full history) – Hans brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and a well-rounded background to help business succeed.

Today, with Schoff Global SEO, Hans focuses primarily on helping businesses get highly ranked in the search engines as he’s realized that’s where business owners get the biggest results that matter and where Hans’ time, effort and energy yields the highest impacts.

To find out what Hans and Schoff Global SEO may be able to do for your business, in terms of increased exposure and online traffic – to regain the online traffic you’re been unknowingly losing to your competition – fill out the form on this page completely… just click here now.