Mobile Web Optimization

Is your website optimized for mobile browsing?

If not, you’re losing business…

mobile web optimization iphone…and not just because people are frustrated when trying to view your site on their mobile device and clicking onto your competitors website…

…but for the fact that Google is penalizing you as well by not being “mobile friendly” and dropping your site in the search engine rankings!

And not just a few spots, but pages back potentially where your customers may not even be able to find you when trying to Google you at all!

You don’t want that.  Depending on your business, that could be potentially tens of thousands of dollars you’re missing out on.  In fact for some businesses – many businesses – it could mean the difference between keeping the doors open or having to shut the business down.  It’s an important element you need to be aware of!

Search traffic on mobile devices has now surpassed that of people searching from their desktops – so its important!

Google web optimization mobileLuckily, we specialize in helping businesses ensure their websites are “mobile friendly” in the eyes of google, to give your potential customers the most value when visiting your site – which leads to more sales and higher revenue for you.

Click here to find out if your website is optimized for mobile devices and passes Google’s “mobile friendly” test so make sure you’re not losing out on that mobile traffic!

If you want to learn how you can boost your page ranking and get a ton more exposure to your website as well, click here to learn about our search marketing services as well.

Here are a few of the articles that have come out discussing the importance of the Mobile-Friendly algorithm change…









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